Sorry to bother you but I have a problem with the replica watches for sale Chopard GMT I purchased in August, the main minute hand just swings around the watch with the movement of your arm it appears to have come loose rendering the replica watches for sale useless. I will send it back to your premises in order that you can carry out repair. Please notify me when you are ready to return it as I may order another replica watches for sale (possible rolex) to save on postage if thats ok with you. I understand it may take some weeks. Sorry but I sent the replica watches for sale through normal postage which is what we usualldo in the UK. I did all the customs declaration etc under $20 dollars and should hopefully arrive with you. When i had aproblem with my Omeag that you repaired I used the same system. All I have is what we call proof of postage. Just checking to see if you have recieved my Chopard GMT as yet, I fear it has been lost in the post it having been sent to you over 6 weeks ago. I sent it by normal post as I did with my Omega when that had a problem and that was returned to me safe and repaired. Sadly because I had to state that the package was not worth $20 I cannot claim on insurance. It looks like I have lost a new replica watches for sale worth USD75.

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